There is no power but from God

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There is no power but from God

Post by DJKeefy »

There is no power but from God, That is the caption of this video which was taken during Easter in Egypt, it looks like quite a few drowned, bringing God in to everything they do is why so many get killed or injured :(

God gave everyone a mind to think for themselves, So God is not always to blame.

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Re: There is no power but from God

Post by Who2 »

"Am I not a river unto my people, learn to swim or sink for I am mercurial...and omnipresent...baptism heals all... 8)
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Ps: God told me that!
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"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"

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Re: There is no power but from God

Post by newcastle »

All the Abrahamic religions believe in an all-seeing, all-powerful deity and the question "why do bad things happen" is probably the most difficult one for believers to wrestle with.

Google the question and you will get any number of "explanations" from the bizarre to the positively obscene. The least irrational one I've encountered is "God is 'mysterious' and his actions cannot be questioned". Mmmmm....

As a non-believer, I am not troubled by this question. The universe has built-in randomness and, to put it scientifically, "sh*t happens".

The randomness of the universe has a tendency to increase - the Second Law of Thermodynamics for those of you who are physicists.

There is a less well known correlation between randomness - "sh*t happens" - and stupidity.

Our brains develop with age and the "stupid" factor we are born with diminishes...although you could be forgiven for doubting this in the case of parents who leave dangerous places unguarded and their (supposedly more stupid ) offspring unsupervised.

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