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Free Press in Egypt

Post by Hafiz »

Egypt is the second worst jailer of journalists (23) in the world after freedom loving China. Read the following for a list of the government’s recent attacks on the press:

Here is a quote from the above report: ‘Perhaps nowhere has the climate for the press deteriorated more rapidly than in Egypt, now the second worst jailer of journalists worldwide. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi continues to use the pretext of national security to clamp down on dissent. Cairo is holding 23 journalists in jail, compared with 12 a year ago. As recently as 2012, no journalists were in jail for their work in Egypt.’ Weren’t the terrorists in power in 2012?

Events of the past few days seem to be an escalation ... SKCN0XS1MU but, in the government's favor, it should be repeated that they (the treacherous journalists) were ‘possessing fire arms and Molotov cocktails’ Bit dangerous to have in your place of work given smoking ‘etiquette’ in Egyptian offices. Maybe the police meant real cocktails, which would make sense given the possessors came from a ‘soaked’ profession and given the desirability of Russian vodka in a good cocktail.

Everyone learns from their past and there will be no 'Italian mistakes' in this case.

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