Fighting a housing crisis, Egypt builds towers in desert.

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Fighting a housing crisis, Egypt builds towers in desert.

Post by jewel »

They look like they were made by a 3-D printer...
Housing crisis caused by preventable population explosion.
Exponential population growth caused by Islamic pro-natalist mandates. ... rt/384728/

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Re: Fighting a housing crisis, Egypt builds towers in desert

Post by Luxor Pharoahs »

No housing crisis in Luxor, hundreds of new homes some built on flood plains and soon there will be more, the farmers are digging out canals so the floods will not rise so much, this will mean they can build even more houses on the flood plains, and destroy the natural beauty of Luxor.

I heard a story yesterday where people were having water pressure problems, when they told me the story it suddenly made sense, the owner of the flats originally built a single story place, but since the revolution has built even more stories on top. You can bet the original water supply pipe is small and has not been upgraded in size to cover the amount of new flats he has built on top of the original one. These are the problems that will face Luxor in the future, due to no building regulations and allowing people to build anywhere and how they want. So by upgrading the infrastructure, the difference it will make will virtually be zero. The same applies to the Electric supplies. Trust me I know!!

The problem is most of them are empty, or half built many built to "Keep up with the Jones's" and now cannot afford to complete. there must a thousand or more on the West Bank alone!!

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Re: Fighting a housing crisis, Egypt builds towers in desert

Post by Dusak »

The military started to build these affordable homes close to Aswan some three years ago. My friends sister has one. They are rented out at 100Le per month, have two bedrooms, but all the rooms are very small. They are not allowed to place satellite dishes on the roof or external walls so place then sticking out of the stairwell windows that are easily removed when the authorities are in the area. Hers is one of four eight floored blocks built high in the mountains and is a difficult area to get in or out of due the the steep gradient of the road, the narrowness allowing only the more powerful tut tukcs to clime. The rule is that there can be no shops in the locality, so this means constant trips into the nearest village that has already put the prices up knowing that there is a non rival pricing structure available within walking distance.

It is hard living there, very hot and suffers from constant power cuts and water shortages. Also very dusty as the mountains force the winds and dust in their direction. She and her husband are desperate to get out, as many have done already, leaving these flats empty.
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Re: Fighting a housing crisis, Egypt builds towers in desert

Post by Who2 »

I used to live in Mokattam the mountain above Cairo in a block of apartments 3 residents and 20 empty apartments and surround by hundreds of similar developments, Mubarak Mafia seemed to-be the developers the pizza delivery boy had a hell of a time trying to deliver.. :cool:
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