Pro-Morsi clashes with police left 7 dead & 261 injured

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Pro-Morsi clashes with police left 7 dead & 261 injured

Post by DJKeefy »

Clashes between Morsi supporters and police left 7 dead and 261 injured.

Supporters and opponents of ousted President Morsi have released statements regarding the Monday night clashes between police and pro-Morsi supporters in Ramsis Square and Giza.

'Rebel' – the grassroots campaign that organised the anti-Morsi 30 June protests nationwide and collected more than 22 million signatures to demand Morsi’s resignation – denounced Tuesday what it described as ''violence by the Muslim Brotherhood militias.''

In a statement, 'Rebel' called on security forces to ''quickly arrest leaders who incite spreading violence in the country in order to stop the bloodshed.''

'Rebel' ended their statement by asserting that national reconciliation is still on the table for all Egyptians except those who have their ''hands stained with Egyptian blood.''

"Violence will not scare the Egyptian citizens who took to the streets on 30 June in peaceful [protests]; Egyptians are the only source of legitimacy," the campaign added.

'Rebel' media spokesman Hassan Shahin has accused the Brotherhood of being "terrorists" on his Facebook account, saying the Brotherhood threatens the country and its citizens and pretends to be peaceful while "holding weapons, firing them, and beating up citizens on the side streets of Ramsis."

Shahin addressed the Muslim Brotherhood youth, stating "Your leaders sacrifice you to face-off with Egyptian citizens so that they can cover up the crimes they should be prosecuted for…your leaders are corrupt: leave them and return to the side of the Egyptian people…those who defy Egyptians lose."

In contrast, the Egyptian Current Party denounced on Tuesday the police’s dispersal of the pro-Morsi sit-in using "teargas and birdshots. "

The party's statement continued, "The police's role is to protect protesters regardless of their orientation, whether in favour of or opposing the ruling regime."

Meanwhile, Ramsis residents have organised popular committees at neighbourhood entrances to prevent more Morsi supporters from entering or attempting to free the roughly 400 Morsi supporters who took refuge from security forces in the nearby Fateh Mosque.

The popular committees are inspecting cars that enter Ramsis and checking the IDs of passersby’s.

MENA reported that popular committees are also circulating Tahrir Square as a precaution after a rumour began that Morsi supporters will demonstrate there.

Pro-Morsi protests in vital squares such as Ramsis are considered an escalation in their demand to reinstate Muslim Brotherhood-backed Morsi. The pro-Morsi supporters have been previously confined to Rabaa Al-Adawiya and in Egyptian governorates since Morsi's removal on 3 July.

Morsi was removed by the military following nationwide popular protests demanding his resignation.

Following the military's declaration, a transitional 'roadmap' was implemented leading to early presidential elections. The roadmap was agreed upon by most Egyptian political parties.

High Constitutional Court head Adly Mansour was sworn in as interim president until the Egyptian constitution is amended and early presidential elections are organised.

The Muslim Brotherhood refuses to recognise Mansour as president and has declared that Morsi, currently under detention by armed forces, is the only legitimate Egyptian president.



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