Cabinet announces progress of fight against drugs

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Cabinet announces progress of fight against drugs

Post by DJKeefy »

The cabinet announced the progress of a national plan to fight drug abuse and addiction, which has been in the works since February under the patronage of Prime Minister Hesham Qandil.

Between January and April, a committee was formed to oversee and monitor its programme to fight drug abuse, in addition to the formation of a committee in every governorate to oversee the execution of local programmes, according to a statement released by the cabinet on Sunday.

The statement said the cabinet, in collaboration with the Italian government, is working on establishing a court solely dedicated to cases of drug abuse and trade, in addition to assisting Libya in starting their own national plan fighting drug abuse and addiction.

According to lawyer Amr Imam, the cabinet is working on a draft law to modify Law 182, which is concerned with fighting drug trade.

“There is no problem with the law, as much as there is a problem with the execution of the law,” Imam said, adding that a lot of officers who respond to reports of illegal drug trades do not know how to conduct proper investigations about the matter.

The statement also said that the first anti-drug abuse directory was launched under the national plan, mainly focused on assisting youth.

The plan has already launched preventative programmes for youth and school children, which has been incorporated in 311 schools around the country, according to the statement.

The government also launched programmes to train doctors, psychiatrists and social workers to deal with issues of drug abuse and addiction as well as other programmes in collaboration with civil society organisations.

The national plan is also keeping up with the hotline (16203) for drug addiction and treatment, which aims at consulting with and assisting patients in emergencies.

Source: ... nst-drugs/


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Re: Cabinet announces progress of fight against drugs

Post by Chocolate Eclair »

Have not seen any sign of it in Luxor, Hash, and alike are freely on sale and available, but then again who is policing this?

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Re: Cabinet announces progress of fight against drugs

Post by Dusak »

You would be surprised how large the drug problem has grown over the last couple of years in Luxor Choc, especially those that give a quick high from over the counter drugs as their worth becomes common knowledge. I personally don't like and have never taken drugs, but from what I've seen there is very little success achieved world wide in drug abuse preventative methods, especially in a country such as Egypt that has a youth population that needs substances to help give the taker a feel good factor to help ease the misery in their now future-less lives . And do you think that any taker of drugs would make it knowledge to an institution that jails and hangs drug trade related offenders. They are not even willing to admit they have a problem, let alone broadcast it as the powers that be will always want the big players and to get to them, you need the users.
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Re: Cabinet announces progress of fight against drugs

Post by Bullet Magnet »

I would have thought that the Government would be putting all its efforts into securing the countries economy, and stability..
War on Drugs is a joke, actually a sick joke in the West, the plants are winning, why ? a question you should ask yourself... :cg
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