Egypt's President-elect Mohamed Morsi gives speech to nation

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Egypt's President-elect Mohamed Morsi gives speech to nation

Post by DJKeefy »

Egypt's President-elect Mohamed Morsi gives speech to nation on state TV. (some parts of his speech)

Morsi addresses nation as "my beloved, all of you

Morsi acknowledges he wouldn't be standing here today & now if it weren't for the sacrifices of the martyrs of the revolution.

Morsi: I tell everyone on this great day, today, with your choice and your will, I am a President for ALL Egyptians

Morsi says human rights and international commitments will be protected.

Morsi says he will preserve the military as an institution in Egypt.

Morsi says revolution 'still going on until we realise all the aims".

Morsi: As Egyptians - Muslims and Christians - we are the forebears of civilization. We'll face any conspiracies.

Morsi to Egyptians: If I do not deliver, you shouldn't support me anymore.

Morsi: I will do every thing I can to fulfill the commitments and pledges I've sworn. Egypt is for all Egyptians. All equal in rights.

Morsi: There is no room for the language of confrontation or treason among ourselves.

Morsi: I will do my best to fulfill my promises and duties. We all have responsibilities. As for me, I have no rights. So please help me.

Morsi: I insist on having Egypt impress the world again, with your help.

Morsi: I insist on building the new Egypt with you, a democratic, constitutional state.

Morsi: We will work on having balanced relations with all countries of the world, based on mutual respect, interest.

Morsi: I'd like to stress what I said in the past, I won't betray God and I won't betray you.


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Re: Egypt's President-elect Mohamed Morsi gives speech to na

Post by denisegr »

All sounds very good, what is the consensus of opinion with the expats, will it affect living in egypt?
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