A Mother's Day Poem

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A Mother's Day Poem

Post by Quinonostante »

A Mother's Day Poem

Author Unknown

Another Mother's Day is here,
Bringing joy and pleasures new,
On this special day, Mother dear,
I want to remember you

I cannot give you costly gifts,
And I've told you this before,
No matter what I give to you,
You give back much, much more

I'm giving you a pure, sweet rose,
Gathered in the early morn,
This rose you planted in my heart,
The day that I was born

In kindly, loving thoughts of you,
And with the faith you still impart,
The rose I give to you today,
Is the love that's in my heart


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Post by Archdunk »

There Is No Field as Fertile as Your Love

There was a time not long ago when I
Had neither life nor love apart from you.
All you said was absolutely true,
Nor could I see myself save through your eyes.
Kids have a sense of life, but don't know why:
Your love alone gave my world its hue.
Of all the things that touched me, there were few
Untouched by your bright song or inner cry.
My luck, then, to be so finely loved.
Of you my world was sculpted, light and free.
The graceful architecture of your heart
Had its twin whichever way I moved.
Even now, though we have lived apart,
Recalling your love makes me glad to be.

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Post by WIZARD »

Both very nice :)

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Post by Jayway »

Yes Very nice - -and welcome to the Forum, Archdunk - - :) :)

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Post by Archdunk »

Thanks for this beautiful poem. can we have more mothers day poems like this? im currently making my own, ill post it here as soon as im finished.

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