My Oriental Dream

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My Oriental Dream

Post by BENNU »

Shopping for fabric, I found exactly what I desired at an online shop on a Danish island: Black and petrol lace and pleated gold for costumes to wear in Cairo, wonderful quality. I also meant to create a ghalabeya with some indiscrete details according to the latest Cairo balady trends and I fell in love with an oriental pattern printed on shiny rayon that almost designed itself, I was really excited. It was comfortable jersey so I ordered enough material to make myself a training outfit to impress the girls in the dance studio.

When it arrived and I saw how beautiful it was in real life, I changed my mind about the revealing ghalabeya that I could wear for a few minutes a couple of times and drew a more decent dress for dance parties in Luxor. I hardly get any physical mail anymore, but when I feel creative, there is always a letter within reach and though I have drawers full of paper and keep fresh notebooks everywhere, poetry, choregraphy and scetches of dresses always end up on envelopes and that is not just me - it is a tradition. I dreamed of my next favorite dress and when I woke up, I rushed to admire the material draped over my chaiselong and the different scetches overlapping each other on the envelope, the only way I know how.
This afternoon I could not believe what I saw in a newspaper. An angry woman had the nerve to pose on a golden chair, wearing a copy of my dress, if not the exact same then an almost similar fabric and design. I had to overstretch my neck and wait for the gentleman next to me on the train to move his arm, so that I could see who she was! It would look a lot better on me, I am sure, than on this sad person, but I did not want to look like her. Before I could read her name, she had already made me rethink a few details, leave out some golden ribbons and make a more elegant and simple, Nordic approach, letting the pretty pattern speak for itself, if I find the time to sew it.

Anyway, if this winter on a dancefloor with live Egyptian music, you see someone shimmying in a long, not very sexy dress printed with patterns of Oriental rugs, that'll be me, disguised as ... the mother of ... Osama Bin Laden.

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John Landon
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Re: My Oriental Dream

Post by John Landon »

Synchronicty perhaps Mrs B.L ?

Seeing the things manifest out of your imagination is quite common.
It has happened to me more than once too.

Only goes to show:

Everything you say and everything you do,
goes out on the big transmitter and comes right back to you.

Beggar me... I'm a poet and I don't know it.. 8)

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Re: My Oriental Dream

Post by Who2 »

I was once in a cult a pretty good cult, I had already tried quite a few.
Anyhow they were looking for a Lectern, off I trot to find out what a lectern was.
It's a thing you put a bible on when your a priest shouting at the unclean below you.
Anyhow for the next three weeks all I saw was lecterns everywhere i turned Eagles of brass.
Finally through a pal there was a vicar who had three churches 2 condemned down on the medway estuary.
He had a lectern, I told him my story then he helped me dissemble it and squeeze it into my mini cooper.
Back to Putney the center, I reassembled and presented it and some acolite polished all the brass and it was really the 'dogies do da's.
I scored a lot of 'brownie points for that, for a 'Y's man "to think it, is to create it........'for a 'Y's man... 8)
Ps: The study of lecterns is fascinating divided into three sections with semi-precious stones at each segment.
Pss: Bet you didn't know on various days the Pope has no soles on his footwear...'strange but true'
I still wonder to this day why the Vicar gave it to me, just like that.
I always thought that was just as odd as me locating it.
"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"

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