What not to wear after 30

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What not to wear after 30

Post by BENNU »

Top 20 things no woman should wear after 30

1. Untested jetpack
2. Meat tunic in feral dog country
3. Twigs superglued to body in shape of a dress
4. High heels if you are getting chased in a horror movie
5. Deer costume in the woods during hunting season
6. Shirt made of whasps
7. Full suit of armor in the pool
8. Fake bomb vest at airport
9. Necklace made of human ears
10. A sampler of endangered animal skins
11. Cursed amulets
12. Mohair sweater that is currently on fire
13. Police uniform that you stole from a police officer
14. The One Ring
15. Anything covered in chum
16. Fur accessories such as live pet hyenas
17. Glitter eyeshadow that contains botfly pheromones
18. Loofers that are just dead seagulls you jammed your feet into
19. Leaky backpack full of cream of mushroom soup
20. Booty shorts with military secrets written on butt

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Re: What not to wear after 30

Post by Who2 »

Hotpants ?..... :cool:
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