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Post by Scottishtourist »

When does it stop?
This hideous menopause?

Hot flushes,bloating,tummy swelling so I resemble a pregnant duck?

Fluid retention?Constipation?

Have always watched my diet.Put on 4lbs this week!

Back to the veg chillis and stir fries to try and take it off again.Is this normal?Is it just "middle-age"spread?

Did you notice a difference in your weight during menopause?Did you gain easily...or lose unaided?

I'm not naturally slim.I come from Lithuanian "peasant"stock...built for a famine!We're carthorses..not racehorses!
But I've always worked hard at it..and now I feel I'm fighting a losing battle!

Any advice?

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Re: 50+

Post by LovelyLadyLux »

Breezed through menopause without a pause. Not 1 hot flash, not 1 ounce weight gain, no signs or symptoms of anything.

I kinda think it maybe has to do with diet. I'd try adding lots more soy to your diet, trying juicing one meal per day (Juicing is absolutely the BEST diet ever and the full feeling after you down a glass lasts for hours and hours) Get a copy of "The Juicing Bible" by Crocker. Works a charm and maybe add in a dedicated walking (not running or jogging) route a couple times per week.

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Re: 50+

Post by Jayway »

Agree with LLL about the juicing, ( you have just been lucky with no symptoms ) but NOT any Soy product as its ALL GM. As for the hot flushes ... in my case still having them after ten or more years, nice in the winter but annoying the rest of the time. Cut down on liquids, count up, including the gravy etc, no more than 3 pints a day or you will just get fatter and fatter . . . good luck .

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Re: 50+

Post by carrie »

Sailed through me but did put weight on, that might have been due to my stopping smoking though and the constant munching of polo mints.