A Rainy Day

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A Rainy Day

Post by BENNU »

We are having a couple of rainy days here in otherwise sunny and hot Copenhagen and after an eventful week, I decided to stay at home all day. Yesterday I received a note about a parcel that could be picked up at a local store. I was expecting nothing, but curious enough to decide to get a mouthful of fresh air just before they close at 7 PM, when there seemed to be a pause from the rain.

I was wearing very little but a pair of turquoise harem trousers with gold print for a cosy day at home. Last night's floral print silk dress had been left hanging to dry after I had run home in the rain that had left me with hair like a giant French poodle. I threw it on, slipped into the nearest pair of flip flops which happened to be pink and gold, and for cover, I grabbed a huge Indian shawl, beige with pink embroidery. It was a coincidence that everything, if not matched, then complimented each other in a non Scandinavian way. Looking in the mirror on my way out, I did not feel very elegant, but colourful on a rainy day and I was in a hurry.

Some loud men had found shelter under the chestnut tree where they had a beer, and as I walked down the street, they became silent and stared at me. After trying hard, the most intelligent word they could find was: "Hi!", and I smiled.

Ten minutes later when I returned with my parcel in a large shopping bag from a Moroccan supermarket, two of the men came out in the rain, one pushed the other one in front, and he said: "You are wery velkommen in our country, hawe a nice day!"

In what you can compare to "Boots", I had ordered a bikini with a huge discount, but received an email saying that by a mistake thay had been delivered the wrong product and would return my money. The parcel was a gift with an apology that they had not lived up to their own standards but did not wish to lose me as a costumer. I had replaced my wet clothes with a black, laced, eight year old twelve gineh night gown from Cairo that suddenly felt elegant. I opened my costumer care surprise: A beautiful velvet pouch from Dolce and Gabbana containing a bottle of eau de parfum, Si from Giorgio Armani.

I tried it on, it is diiiiivine, and I suddenly feel very elegant again. :wi

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Re: A Rainy Day

Post by HEPZIBAH »

Every cloud has a silver lining! :)
Image Experience is not what happens to you;
it is what you do with what happens to you.
-Aldous Huxley

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