Boat Fire

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Boat Fire

Post by HEPZIBAH » Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:05 pm

Does anyone know which boat was on fire today?
I hope there were no further casualties.

Earlier in the day I read a piece on Facebook - via usual poor translation - posted by Luxor Today.

Luxor Today الاقصر اليوم
8 hrs
مصرع وإصابة ٣ في حريق بباخرة سياحية بالاقصر

تمكنت قوات الحماية المدنية، وقوات الإنقاذ النهرى بمحافظة الأقصر، صباح اليوم الخميس، من السيطرة على حريق شب بإحدى الب...
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Killed and injured 3 in a fire in a tourist butt in the shortest

On Thursday morning, Civil Protection Forces and rescue forces in Luxor Governorate were able to control a fire on a cruise ship, aboard one of the most famous ships in the shortest, resulting in the death of one person and injured 3 others.

The Department of operations and crisis and civil protection forces received a report of a fire in a tourist district.

The Assistant Minister of the interior, general ayman., informed the assistant minister of the interior, and directed the department of civil protection to move to the fire site, a force moved from civil protection to the place, and the inspection found that the fire was caused by a cruise ship, resulting in the death of a person and injured 3 Others with a sister.

The fire caused the death and death of alaa-P-Q, and the injury of Abdul Aziz-H, Alaa-M, Snowdon-a, with asphyxiation and immediately the injured were taken to Luxor International Hospital To receive the necessary treatment, release a record of reality, and the prosecution conducted the investigation

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