The Stars

What is it like to live in Luxor? Share your experiences of Luxor's culture.

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Brian Yare
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Re: The Stars

Post by Brian Yare »

carrie wrote:Poetic license Brian.
I am (was) an astronomer. I don't license poets. But I prefer prose to cons.

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Egyptian Pharaoh
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Re: The Stars

Post by Dusak »

Brian Yare wrote:
carrie wrote:Poetic license Brian.
I am (was) an astronomer. I don't license poets. But I prefer prose to cons.
So how much is a pro nowadays Mr. Yare :lol:
Life is your's to do with as you wish- do not let other's try to control it for you. Count Dusak- 1345.
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Major Thom
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Re: The Stars

Post by Major Thom »

The Greek language is quite easy really, with many outside influences, but to learn it you have to mix with locals because of the pronunciation, writing can be hard because of the different symbols they use. If you also change your keyboard you find that the different symbols do not relate to the letters on a QUERTY keyboard, so a person who is fluent has to explain. Many here get a transparent sheet and have the sheet over the keyboard. The only problem is your keyboard is then completely different. Some of the figures (Numbers) are similar to Arabic, like our village is written TA^A the upside down ^ is written and pronounced like L, where in Arabic the upside down ^ is a number, so can be hard to learn the new alphabet. Also The vowels are cut and hardened so the village name for instance is pronounced TALA and not TARLAR like we would normally pronounce it. Another Village Kissonaga is pronounce Kiss on a ga and not like we first pronounced it Kiss on ner ger So you are up against a new alphabet and and the fact vowels are hard and short. I still have much to learn even after just over a year of learning. The trouble is if you do not keep it up you forget. This is why we spend a lot of time at the Taverna's with the local people trying to learn it properly and to use the accent too. Unlike Luxor though there is no difference in pronunciation between the WB and the EB, where different words mean the same thing. Also they do not use many slang words here. All in all it can be hard so you just need to bare with it and put some time in.
Egyptian God
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Re: The Stars

Post by newcastle »

You could just stick with your English.

It's all Greek to me. :lol:
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