Visa but not boring...

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Visa but not boring...

Post by Who2 » Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:43 pm

So 2nd day at visa office, also a visit to the Stienburger...
So back again tomorrow, should I take a box 'o chocolates for Ahmed's mum, the little nazi ? bless her.

Police everywhere forgot about my 'stiletto going into HSBC, until the guard said "Whats this ?
I said "Forget it, it's my automatic comb" and beat a hasty retreat..

Anyhow I hear their was a curfew last night something to do with Israelis, 'lost in translation or (lit.)
So, back tomorrow at least I enjoy the shopping, loads of Chinese tourists over there the dark-side today.

Anyhow a couple of pic's one with a bit of burning...
The other my balcony view of Karnak, which has gone within the last 2 years, all-those illegal builds in the distance
weren't there two years ago.. 8)
Ps: They'll all be empty of course, I have a new 'multi story car-park in my street, it will be empty forever...

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