People asking you to count change

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Post by GDB_London »

I see, foreign coins - "Doh" :oops:

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Post by BENNU »

We have had this discussion before. RUDE TOURISTS who give coins are ASKED for coins! Where I used to live in Ramla, I heard it through my window from the street all the time: Une euro, monsieur, une euro, madame... Sweet little children got coins from tourists and later asked the good tourist to change. Guys pretend to collect coins and ask for something from your country, the guides and street walkers with handfuls of coins did not get them from rude tourists as tips, they ASK for coins. In Luxor they do!
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Post by LovelyLadyLux »

Banks in the USA, Canada, Trinidad, Dominica do NOT take foreign coins at all and I've experienced children asking for coins and crying buckets if ignored or told no. Had old ladies grab at me in passing too holding thier hands out and then put the other to their faces "crying" when I kept walking.

In Trinidad people will call out to you - "white lady, white lady help me, help please" but nobody ever touches or grabs nor do children 'beg' there.

I do however think that some of the repeat tourists who bring pencils, balloons, whatever specifically to give to the children do encourage some of them to run over whenever they see or perceive another child getting something. Can't blame a child(ren) for that! ;)
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Post by hatusu »

I made a big, big mistake when I was new to Egypt . It was 4 yrs ago just before the World Cup. I had some World Cup balloons and approached a group of children in Ramla to give them the balloons. Within literally seconds I was mobbed by a hoard of children - quite frighteningly and some men had to rescue me and sort the children out. Not only that, but 9 MONTHS LATER I was still being aslked for balloons by various children. Now I never give anything to any child, they are not grateful and are never satisfied - they just expect it again and again and again.
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