The Marsam Hotel Xmas Eve.

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The Marsam Hotel Xmas Eve.

Post by Who2 »

A Critiques 12.30hrs.
Well it's difficult for one to describe…as I recall ….
Now there is undoubtably many restaurants in the World with the view afforded to one as one drives towards The Marsam at night with the full mountains aglow. 10/10
The outside garden is wonderfully cool & scented by winter jasmine and hibiscus, as we sip pre xmas drinks.
The garden fills with an abundance of French, German and American young enthusiastic archaeologists, time for another drink.
We adjourn to the communal Xmas dining room 'tastefully decorated with 'I am told genuine German imported table decorations.
More wine flows, I sit betweens a non drinking secret policeman and and American 'digger opposite a quiet but very interesting Dubliner wearing the 'full egyptian monty.
1st course Lentil Soup, nice simple hot, lemon wedges fresh bread.
2nd course A selection of salad stuff very eclectic & very nice.
3rd course meat & taters. German slow roasted Lamb and a german sauce. Nice roasted taters. The roasted chicken was to die for.
4th course A fruity thing but by then I was past caring.
5th Turkish coffee. 'mass boot!
Now, I bought my own mulled wine but happily 'ponse'd glasses of red wine of my dining companions a cheese board would have gone down a treat as would have a bit of xmas pud' I mean it's a german thing.
All in all, everyone left except me and David the Dubliner on another bottle of Omar Kayam red at 80le the whole meal cost me
130le or £13 quid, so all in all not a bad night, and I never ran any body over on my way home.
So, The Marsam Hotel ? good! but could do better, it's the best the West Bank has to offer during these troubled times. 7/10.
Not that inspiring, I blame the photographer.
David from Dublin, far more inspiring..Happy Xmas tomorrow, I review JJ's BaR Karnak…. :cool:
It's now Xmas Day, I now consume a 4 day marinaded soup, hot oninion bread with miester and a crap Xmas film, probably The Great Escape. Happy Chrimbo, and I have to do it all again tomorrow, 'jesus saves….
Whilst all this and listening to St David's Choral at Xmas…bit weird really..I should go to bed but hey! It's Christmas for 'Christ sakes…I can rest when I'm dead!
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Re: The Marsam Hotel Xmas Eve.

Post by Scottishtourist »

Who2 wrote:

Now, I bought my own mulled wine but happily 'ponse'd glasses of red wine of my dining companions
Oh aye!Have met your kind before!
The ones who bring the crappy Castlemaine XXXX and Fosters to a Scottish "Ne'erday party...then avail themselves of the host's best Tennants and McEwans!!!
Nice one!lol!!

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Re: The Marsam Hotel Xmas Eve.

Post by Chocolate Eclair »

We are going to the Jewel of the Nile for our Christmas Celebrations, and also going there for the New Year Party. So looking forward to another great party that Laura has put together. There is one thing about Laura and Mahmoud when they put a party together it is always excellent, with plenty to eat, plenty to drink and plenty to do. So see all you forum members late tomorrow, if my legs are up to getting out of bed, and my head is clear from what will be a very late night.

Sorry folks though the place is full..... There is no room at the Inn!

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Re: The Marsam Hotel Xmas Eve.

Post by FABlux »

We were also at the Marsam and had a lovely evening. The tables all looked beautiful and the arrangement in the middle of the buffet looked from a distance like flowers but was made of carved vegetables :o

The spiced pumpkin soup was a new one to me but I loved it along with the German recipe lamb with a wonderful sauce. The chicken was beautifully succulent and the desert table was again beautifully decorated.

The numbers had been restricted to prevent it becoming impersonal and the 2 sets of impromptu carols from the guests helped give the whole place a lovely family atmosphere, helped by the family members eating with us whilst the waiters served.

Altogether an excellent evening and the farm dogs are still dining out on the leftovers I collected :oops:

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