Ways of learning Arabic

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Ways of learning Arabic

Post by King Tobenkhamun »

I found the best way to learn arabic was to sit amoung egyptians at coffee shops and cafes and simply listen and take in the varied sounds and pronounciations. Then I'd go away and find out from egyptians what the words meant then after time construct words and phrashes from what I@d absorbed and see which phrases were viable egyptian arabic ie if I was understood.

After time and not too long I was able to comunicate with non english speaking Egyptians at a relevent level of understanding

The one big plus of learning Egyptian aravic is that you can understand when someone is trying to rip you off or if someone is talking bad of you, It's nice to knock a few perches over once in a while x

Have fun learning arabic


His Royal Highness King Tobenkhamun xxx

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Post by tannaz »

I find listening to musics and reading the lyrics and looking up the new words just as useful , it is not as boring as watching a Serial which neither u find amusing nor u get the accent :roll:

I have some egyptians friends whom i tru to speak arabic too ,even when I send them sms but I dont know why they always answer me back in English or they just get me to help them with the french :x

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