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Post by Phantom »

Royston wrote:hatusu, Hi,

My wife and I have been studying Arabic for the last two years and we are also interested in private tuition when we will be in Luxor during December. Would you be good enough to pass us on to your teacher. We will be staying at the Gezire gardens West Bank

Best regards

Bryan Llewellyn

Hi Royston

Don't tell me you can actually learn Arabic in Cornwall

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave ............


Justen and Lynne
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Post by Justen and Lynne »

ashoofak Buchron = see you tomorrow
la fatura minfadlak = The bill please, minfadlik if a woman
Emshee = Go away
Gowa ma lebann wa sukra min fadlak= Coffee with milk and sugar please
Tai ma labann wa sukra = tea with milk and sugar.
Sabor Alkier = Good morning
Masaa Alkier = Good afternoon/evening
Kyfa Halak = how are you if you are ok reply Taman
Beckham min fadlack = price please
Get lost its too much = common reply

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Post by Hurghadapat »

Just a little correction.

Ashoofak bukra.............see you tomorrow
AAyiz/a il hissab low sammat............. can i have the bill please
Kubbayit shay bi laban wi sukkar low sammat......cup of tea with milk and sugar please
Kubbayit awha bi laban wi sukkar low sammat....cup of coffee with milk and sugar please
Izzayak/ are you
Reply to above......kwayyis/a al hamdulillah
Da ghall awi..........i think it's to expensive (more polite than get lost)
always keep your words soft and sweet just incase you have to eat them

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