Lamb Shanks avec Beef & Mustard Dumplings;;;

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Lamb Shanks avec Beef & Mustard Dumplings;;;

Post by Who2 »

Tonights feast is slow cooked New Zealand Lamb Shanks & Mustard Dumplings.
The guy looking after this living breathing moving mud shack whilst I am away is coming for a couple of days introduction course..
My 2 builders Said & Khaleefa have been in for 4 hours already had lunch and as they are not building today, they are cleaning the gaff top to toe. they are very efficient cleaners and also do outside catering…

4 x Lamb Shanks 120le Arkwright's
1 x Kingsized Leek 40 Market
Potatoes/fresh mushrooms/crispy carrots/onions & garlic.
Chickpeas soaked overnight.
Start the stock several days before, by boiling everything that has not been eaten already chuck in herbs, dregs of alcohol a few oxo cubes, and some finely sliced pig's ears or the ends of any old "choritos"lying about.
In the morning prep all the veg feed the sheep.
Coat the shanks in a 'herby flour dusting and brown all over for 10 minutes.
Par cook all the vegs except potatoes, in the same pan having removed shins a a large pot.
Slurp red wine and deglaze pan with obelisk or white wine if available.
Chuck all into big pan fill with the excellent brown stock.

Mustard Dumplings.
Knock up some pastry,flour,milk,butter,seasonings and Colmans mustard powder
1 x KZ beef burger
Mix up up to a dough.
Roll out cut small circle with pastry cutter, par boil 30 seconds.

Cook stew very slow 3/4 hours at minimum heat.
Drop in chilled dumpling 1/2 hour before serving with red obelisk and crusty warm bread.. Simples!…. :cool:

Ps: Mrs Beetons Tip.
The above recipe usually accommodates at least 2 bottles of Red Obelisk over the 2 days..
Mrs Beaton also prefers a white Burgandy when available.

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Re: Lamb Shanks avec Beef & Mustard Dumplings;;;

Post by Gopha75 »

If I bring some bacon and a good French wine - can i's come? snif... enjoy it :)

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Re: Lamb Shanks avec Beef & Mustard Dumplings;;;

Post by Yildez »

Almost worth a flight back to Luxor!!! Enjoy!

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Re: Lamb Shanks avec Beef & Mustard Dumplings;;;

Post by Bullet Magnet »

Instructions weren't clear enough. Penis now stuck in toaster. :cg
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Re: Lamb Shanks avec Beef & Mustard Dumplings;;;

Post by Dusak »

Bet you feel a right D**k. :lol: Or not.
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