World Cup Pate...

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World Cup Pate...

Post by drwho »

Well that pate the spanish one with oranges for the World Cup, turned out a bit wet.
St Michael's Pate WC 2010
1 x Packet Chickens innards, frozen 300grms
1 x Packet of sliced calves liver or similar, frozen 300grms
1 x Pkt stringy back bacon if possible, obviously frozen. 200grms
I bottle Sherherzade White 750ml
1 bottle Oblisk Red 750ml
1 x lge red Onion
10 cloves garlic
buffalo butter or similar
handfull dried Italian herbs
Dried Italian field mushrooms
a few screws of anglesey salt
freshly ground black pepper
3 hard boiled fresh eggs
1 tbls dried Colmans mustard powder.
1 tbls dried spanish Paprika
dried chilies crushed
fresh coriander
fresh flat leaf parsley
2 lemons or limes
2 Oranges
Sherry vinegar
2 x shots beefeaters london gin
indian tonic water
mango juice
1 x Banana Tree + 2 x fresh young leaves

De-freeze frozen stuffs, cut off yucky bits feed to cats, wash & marinate in oil-obelisk-sherry vinegar & a few herbs whatever for 24hrs, drink a few glasses of wine red and white. Marinade mushrooms in milk.
Later.............saute off the onions garlic chicken livers in batches in hot butter for a couple of minutes (pink on the inside) bung in mixer with anything else you can think of that you will have forgotten, have a celebratory G&T ice slice shot mango, back to creating.
Depending on your style of Pate 'Country Chunky or 'smooth foie gras zip zip the machine.
Line an oven proof terrine with banana leaf, sliced orange, sliced egg, then the bacon slices pour in or spoon into terrain the chilled pate mixture, when full, then do the reverse with bacon egg orange ect, cut a cardboard square cover in cling film a couple of tins to compress, refrigerate. 24 hrs or until you rememberer, shallow tray, bain-marie terrain cook dead low 1 x hour.
Remove, cool refrigerate with weights 24 hrs remove cut centre from 6 inch banana trunk wash & stuff with pate serve alongside warm double toasted brioche, avec a good strong red wine.
Mrs Beeton's tip: don't put in to much white wine.
Now the above pate could be done in 30 min prep 4 minutes cooking 4 hrs chillin But ! where's the fun?.......8)

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United Kingdom

Post by Who2 »

Dr Who didn't bring any of his (famed) pate to the 'film-night tonight but it wasn't missed, such a great film, brilliant for those that can appreciate film, the best of British, some thought it was a bit violent, some people arn't English and don't see our sense of humor.
Nevertheless a classic in British Film making, somethings! go above some people's heads, if you wanted 'dirty dancing then go to the flea pit, this "Kino Kinema is a class act...8)
Nice people, nice environment, nice night, thanks,,Dave...8)
(the Dr's Pal)
"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"
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Post by Goddess »


Lordy, but that sounds delicious!
Have you really got Anglesey Sea salt in your cupboards?
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