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Politics Dead In America.

It’s a TV doco. about what has died in America and in its politics in the last 30 years and the grievance and resentment (and anger) combined with small brains and big mouths that has replaced it.

An NPR doco – possibly the best political TV docos in the world- about Senator John MacCain who has had a major influence on world foreign affairs and military matters for many decades and who is loathed by Trump - which is reciprocated. A prisoner of war by the Vietnamese for 5 years he was beaten, tortured and suffered permanent damage.

A flawed life but a person who supports freedom, integrity, criticism of power (a 20 year jail sentence in Egypt), brave, believes in political co-operation and in serious reform, supports clean political funding and is suspicious of vested interests. Always a maverick and often an outsider he refused to fight dirty or use smear or character assassination in his campaigns – against advice and to his loss. He believes in debate with his voters on issues they don’t like rather than just the Trump/Boris grabbing onto and riding on top of hot opinion polls. Personal responsibility is a big issue for him.

For a military man with 8 generations of military leaders going back to Washington’s staff he held strong views on the supremacy of civilian control, the barbarism of torture and the need for diplomatic alternatives. Initially he supported Iraq but soon became a major critic of its ways and means. He understands, if others don’t, that the military needs to be kept under tight control and even in Australia we are now realizing that harsh action against military excesses and lawlessness. ... es/8466642

Unfortunately in Egypt such discipline does not happen leading to a lazy and incompetent army and overwhelming time spent on commercial money-making matters. No great military leader in the past 100 years ever supported that. Indeed Eisenhower (who won battles/a war and was fairly elected – unlike some) warned in direct terms in his last Presidential address to his people of the danger of the military-industrial complex to the lives of ordinary citizens and their liberty. (A president whom historians are currently reviewing in a positive light and who was always known as a prodigious manager. A man who never wanted power, never wanted to be a General nor a President but who believed in duty. Other countries don’t do biographies of their leaders – possibly because they failed). Eisenhower and that old drunk, military genius, Ulysses S Grant were MacCain heroes.

MacCain issued a long, poised statement utterly rejecting Trump’s (a person who illegally avoided the Vietnam call-up) attack on the dead US Muslim Capt. Kahn lost in the ME and declared him a brave and moral man. Trump was to him worse than immoral. ... index.html. The purpose of the army for MacCain is to maintain freedom/serve the people not make money or create power and prestige for the military.

Its also a story of how politics, and society, in the US has become fractured, ideological, dogmatic and nasty – particularly the Republicans. Some of these themes are not unconnected to the Brexit virus.

MacCain’s position on Egypt is clear and strong. He hates current arrangements and the abuse of human rights, personal ambition rather than duty, and pursuit of power and money by people with no ability.

Oddly as a Marine trainee he wasn’t much interested and was difficult to control.

His species is probably extinct and replaced by robots or circus performers.

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