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PostPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 10:53 am  |  Posted from: Egypt

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All present scores for the Monthly Game will be set to zero and an ant-cheat device is running with it to make sure that everyone has the same chance of winning. The member with the highest score on the Last Day of the Month (Midnight Luxor Time) wins a bottle of wine (Red Or White - U Choose).

The prize will be kept in Luxor and is to collected by the winner or their representative within 6 months.

Only 1 Prize Available - In the case of joint winners, we will reset the scores and the joint winners will have 1 day in which to beat the other.

Game only open to Members. (Moderators and Admin cant participate)

Admin (DJKeefyâ„¢) Decision Is Final....


In order to give more people a chance of winning the monthly competition we are amending the rules slightly over who will be announced the winner and awarded the T shirt or the bottle of wine.

Anyone can enter the competition and play the games but the winner of a previous competition will not be able to win another competition for a three month period. All the games results are stored so if someone who has won a games competition in the last three months has the highest score then the prize will be awarded to the one with the next score down the list - if they are also a previous winner in the last three months then it will pass down the line further.

We are doing this for various reasons. Some people like playing the games but are not doing so because they are embarrassed if they win again and others give up because they feel they cannot compete with the experts. So, this seemed to be a way of evening up the playing field.


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