Last Titanic Lifeboat.

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Last Titanic Lifeboat.

Post by Hafiz » Thu Mar 28, 2019 2:39 pm

Last Titanic Lifeboat.

I fear a Titanic in the Gulf would be first man first and no women – but I could be wrong.

The Abu Dhabi prince who seems to speak for the UAE has been visiting the Egyptian life boat recently. Wafting, fluffing and various other things but not a single thing to announce. Possibly lack of intelligence or just a view of the world that it must be repressed/controlled. Its been the UAE and other gulfies who have been pulling the strings in Egypt for the past 6 years because the Saudi Crown Prince can't stand Sisi and very few Saudi companies have invested in Egypt.

The UEA/Gulfies are champions under the hotheaded kid who visited Cairo. They have employed a convicted pedophile to organize meetings with Trump, plotted how to bring down Iran with a US owner of a private army and do so in a business context in a Seychelles bar, interfered with the US election and attracted Mueller’s attention, bought several billion in London real estate and left it empty, incited Saudi to bomb the hell out of Yemen and just made it worse, lost the attempt to remove Assad, lost most control over Lebanon, put all their money on a Saudi horse who turned out to be a murderer and may yet be removed, completely lots the Yemen War, lost control of Hamas, faced reduced oil and gas prices, lost most of their money in the nearly dead Egyptian economy, faced a bloated property development bomb on the home front, got rid of Morsi and paid billions for that pleasure and have female members of the Royal Family who are missing/dead/on the run from that great place to which two bob tourists break a leg to visit. ... or-gr.aspx

With that 100% failure rate they feel Siamese twins with Egypt. The Gulf advice and assistance to Egypt can only make bad - terminal.

Pretty much everything they have touched has turned to....I leave it to your imagination.

The impetuous visiting creature and the hot head Saudi crown Prince are a nearly perfect chemical compound – for failure and then their assassination.

To me the biggest question is how many 12 year old boys did they have to pay George Nadar to act as their agent with Sisi, anti-Iran, pro Yemen, pro Trump and lots of other trousers down jobs. It’s a stark illustration that the Gulfies don’t know how to govern or do diplomacy that this idiot sleaze is ‘their boy’ so to speak.

Here is Nader with the President, a photograph that cost Nader $US180,000. Trump now denies ever meeting him and the photograph is a fabricated lie. Reputable newspapers know it is true. ... 50-375.jpg

Maybe he also provides very young women like the UK arms firm, BAE, used to do to get contracts. Soho was apparently cheap. . ... es-mueller

Business and government in the region is always filthy and never clean.

That western women travel to the Gulf and ignore the violent suppression of even rich women is what you expect of amoral tourists who wave their hands on a range of liberal matters but break all the rules. Reporting your own rape will bring the house down – on the rape victim. ... swr7t.html and ... ibh4s.html

Arsenal, no pun intended, fans might be asked to do the unthinkable – ask where the money comes from and at what price. ... rates-2-3/.

Customers of Emirates might be asked the same thing – a bit like flying Hitler’s airline, Deutsche Luft Hansa (pick the way the name was adapted) and marveling at the order, discipline, efficiency and the death camps that would follow joining a union. Millions of French and Brits never asked. ... repression and ... dubai.html

A bit like tourism in Egypt we should welcome an opportunity to give our money to brutish places with fine PR firms which deal with all the ‘bad news’.

In the case of the UAE they use not only prisons but also UK psychiatrists to ‘deal with’ women and in the case of one recently dead Crown Prince he was a drug addict locked up/sedated for years. He possibly suicided.

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Re: Last Titanic Lifeboat.

Post by Who2 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 3:07 pm

We have two orange lifeboat, water ambulances here on the Nile.
They look wicked far better than an old Bedford j1's and far faster.
But iv'e only ever seen them out twice on the water, they have twin mercury's on the back
and are fully kitted out except, for a pair of water skis, a must in my mind!
I mean what do these Egyptian Aqua Medic's do all day long ?..... 8)
Ps: First film I ever cried at along with my father: A NIGHT TO REMEMBER (1958) .....and the band played on......
"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"

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