Flatulence, Wind or Just Gas.

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Flatulence, Wind or Just Gas.

Post by Hafiz » Sat Mar 23, 2019 2:35 pm

Flatulence or Wind.

Some might have read about how a military owned paint factory – so essential to defending the father/motherland – exploded about 10 months ago adjacent to the Cairo airport – land provided free to the military and free conscript labour.

It seems that their wind is at it again which is not unusual for a military with hundreds of major generals over 70 (Australia is lucky we have only 5 and all must resign at 60 years but then we have won every war we were in, except Vietnam and we don’t brutalize, misuse and sexually abuse young soldiers).

You would think that with so many incontinent Major Generals that a fire brigade might be at hand – depending on the direction of the wind.

Alas, their business has blown again.

“At least eight people were killed and five injured on Thursday when a chemical tank exploded at a phosphates factory in the Red Sea port of Ain Sokhna, three security sources said.

The factory, which is under development, is owned by the military, two of the sources said. The project is contracted to Intecsa Industrial and local partner H.A. Construction, an industry source said.

State news agency MENA said that 15 people were killed or injured and that the tank exploded during testing.”
How could you blow up something you are only building? They are in the phosphate business I wonder if they have a single skill in that. The Supreme Militarios who have won a thousand wars (actually not a single battle in 2,300 years a world record – for failure) can’t work out how many they have killed.

Good news – because the Army is entirely outside all laws and courts the injured - let's assume 50 – and the families of the dead have absolutely no legal rights to sue for injury or death, It doesn’t get any better, Where are those aged spinsters in Luxor who ran the awful children’s home that was closed down but parade themselves in the flag and love the military – where are they. In any case the military are never negligent and will never admit negligence or mistake.

Oddly Intesca is a Turkish firm which just continues the universal Egyptian law – the rhetoric is always the opposite of reality. Egypt hates Turkey in public and spreads rumors its organizing a coup but in private they sleep with them. Maybe local residents should tell the Egyptian street so they can burn the Turkish work to the ground.

The other firm is Hassan Allam the best thing about which it could be said is that it’s a whore unable to find a paying customer it doesn’t satisfy. The Egyptian firm does no business outside Egypt because its no good. Another example of dozens of score of firms that get jobs they shouldn't and why few, no, international firms get local large jobs. This has been going for 2 lifetimes and the reverse was that the Russians in building Aswan 3 gave not a single large or middle contract to an Egyptian firm. They thought Egyptian engineers awful. https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2019/03 ... blast.html

The source of the story are the security services, not the fire brigade, not the governor, not the ‘company’ and not the government agencies responsible for manufacturing, agriculture or gas and oil. I wonder why. Do they not trust anyone but themselves in which case paranoia transfers over to dementia.

Why these idiots who can’t win a war are building a phosphate facility (presumably converting natural gas) in this location would required dementia to understand. Other similar plans have been proposed for this area but the source supply of gas enters Egyptian territory 100 miles north from the Zohr field.

It is too easy to just assume these people are idiots but when you look at the very selective information about them – they are. The truth must be many times worse.

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