Free Speech - Some Don't Like it but Say They Do.

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Free Speech - Some Don't Like it but Say They Do.

Post by Hafiz »

Sisi, Free Speech, Turning on the Leader.

Sisi recently agreed an interview with CBS, his staff spent a month 'negotiating' the questions, then did the interview, changed his mind afterwards and wanted the interview suppressed – as is easily done in all matters under him in Egypt.

He says he offers free speech for his people but doesn’t like it when its served up to him.

In the interview he denied all matters of fact and denied holding a single political prisoner.

It was a disaster for him as are most serious western interviews but for al Ahram, Egypt Today and all Egyptian TV he is a highly competent, all knowing statesman. Not a person outside Egypt/Sisi's payroll agrees.

Its probable that it was Sisi’s revelation of close co-operation or more with Israel in Sinai that created problems because it showed he had been lying to his own people and, indirectly, that the Army couldn’t win after 8 years without major Israeli help.

The world knows that Sisi and the Army have been useless in Sinai and that the tide had only turned with Israeli intelligence and airpower over northern Sinai. The truth probably is that the useless Egyptian Air Force (6th largest in the world) is basically now retired from Egypt’s biggest security problem. The key to maintaining the illusion of Egyptian military competence is to keep the truth from Egyptians as was done in 48, 67, the 60’s war in Yemen, 73 and their poor performance in Iraq 1,2 and now non-performance in 3.

For the military to appear good it needs to tell lots of lies and suppress the truth. The good and moderate journalist, Alexandrani is now in 10 years jail for reporting on Egyptian incompetence and war crimes in Sinai. His charges – the standard and universal – publishing state secrets and membership of the Brotherhood. Both lies - his info was in the western media and he was never a member. ... t-10-years

Everyone gets asked difficult questions but the screamer in this matter is Sisi let this information drop without any pressure and against his interests.

The PR is important because Egypt is a beggar state and if you can’t do the PR/Charm in the west you can’t pay the bills. Its also relevant that relations have been strained with Saudi and maybe Saudi and UAE and looking for another horse to back. The failure of the economy is evidence to many that Sisi’s economic policies were no good and if your policies are no good maybe you are no good.

This disaster shows a few things.

Sisi is not good at interviews – in fact he’s not good with speeches, public meetings, meetings with heads of state – in fact he’s not much good at anything a head of government needs to do.

His advisors are idiots and should have anticipated this and refused it. His head of media, the major whom the president states is loved by women but has no wife at 40 years, aren’t much good.

If you make a mistake you don’t then try and muscle/intimidate one of the most important media organizations in the world to cover your incompetence in all interviews. Again his staff are useless.

He is now going to suppress the interview in Egypt. Better to do no interviews except with the usual robots/vegetables – maybe no western interviews. In this context there is only one question – what use does Sisi have in anything to do with public events. I’m sure his competition in the army and those many who don’t like him are doing the numbers on a better model.

Meanwhile there is legislation that has entered the Parliament by the back door – so to speak – to give him a 6 year term – not jail. I think they better get that through quick.

CBS version of what happened.

Al Jazzera is reveling in it.

It is a sad thing to say but the 2015 BBC interview of Sisi revealed a BBC that is no longer what it once was. Lyce Doucet used to be better than this but might have declined with her employer.

The Financial Times on some odd aspects of CBS behavior in this matter. ... f78404524e

A deep and thoughtful analysis of the content of the interview – as ever from these. ... rumor.html

The government paid people to bash up CBS. This facebook creature I know well. She lies about her education and previous work experience, doesn’t live in Egypt but near Vancouver in Canada and lies about lots of things. It’s a sign of the dreadful times that this semi-literate creature writes for al Ahram. She is either crazy or a paid mouthpiece. Maybe I should do a full expose on her and a few other al Ahram ‘intelligentsia’ – really just paid, low bred Rottweiler’s.

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Re: Free Speech - Some Don't Like it but Say They Do.

Post by John Landon »

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Re: Free Speech - Some Don't Like it but Say They Do.

Post by Horus »

phpBB [video]

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Re: Free Speech - Some Don't Like it but Say They Do.

Post by Dusak »

My friend tells me that there was much angry talk on the buses this morning concerning our glorious leaders possible extension of power without an election being held for the next term. Democratic process is a wonderful concept.
Life is your's to do with as you wish- do not let other's try to control it for you. Count Dusak- 1345.

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Re: Free Speech - Some Don't Like it but Say They Do.

Post by newcastle »

What with China, Russia, Venezuela, DPRK and much of Africa, half the world would disagree with you Dusak :lol:

I think the proposal is to give Sisi 6 years.....and unlimited number of terms.

No doubt he'll be dragged kicking and screaming to the first idea but surely the sheer hypocrisy of the second will stick in his throat.


My personal view? Egypt isn't ready for democracy - the army has effectively seen to that since 1952. Can you imagine the chaos with everyone free to voice their personal agenda? :lol:

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