House Training Media Dogs, Judges, Imams and Uni Students

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House Training Media Dogs, Judges, Imams and Uni Students

Post by Hafiz »

House Training Media Dogs, Judges, Imams and University Students.

Training isn’t always a bad thing although Stalin’s Gulag and Pol Pot left a lot to be desired with their retraining - including corpses. Mao did some retraining but few returned home - alive.

I guess if the Government does the training in Egypt you hope the trainers have more skills than the ‘students’. But skills in what?

Here is the story about dominating public opinion and killing any communication/thought that does not fit with the single ideology position – “the military/government since 1952 are glorious, unselfinterested and invincible.”

The Egyptian Military is now doing training of journalists – its mandatory for journalists. This is odd because all media is already tightly regulated. In fact independent western bodies say that Egypt is nearly the least free place on the planet. ... 2017/egypt and

Its significant that’s it’s the Military rather than the Security Services or Police. What has happened in the last 4 years is a radical transfer of power away from business, police, Security Services, Judiciary, Professions, Parliament and political parties to SCAF, President and a few related others. Its now a full military dictatorship rather than Mubarak’s model which balanced a few competing interests – this new system has only one interest group.

Current ‘tools’ to control journalists and issue propaganda include: Permits for newspapers, registration of all workers, heavy censorship laws, the stacking of the Journalists Syndicate with junta supporters, prohibition on publishing a full range of military and military-commercial matters, the use of secret military courts against journalists, the prohibition of journalists in Sinai, the jailing of lawyers who defend free speech, the absence of press conferences where journalists can ask questions, blocked web news sites, the second largest number of arrested journalists in the world, 11 killed journalists in the last 7 years, the al Jazeera case, the new BBC case to expel it, the expulsion of the Times of London, the existence of state owned media with the rest, including TV owned by the military and junta friends - can it go further? Yes it can.

Here is the new ‘initiative’:

“the Nasser Military Academy calls for editors-in-chief of Egyptian newspapers and websites to enrol in mandatory strategic training sessions in media and national security. Former generals who now teach at the academy are giving the lectures.

… Al-Monitor reported in November that judges had enrolled in training sessions in strategic and national security studies at the academy. Moreover, the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education signed a protocol Dec. 29 under which university students and teaching staff would be enrolled in training sessions at the academy.” ... urity.html

What the Military knows about training or education of people with a brain is problematic – I thought their approach was loud barking with a big stick. The performance of their hundreds of captains and majors who pressure media figures and who write press releases is fourth grade – no one in London would employ them on a photocopier. Note its mandatory training - you don’t get choice.

The Nasser Academy has many features which include poor educational standards, splendid facilities, poorly educated ‘lecturers’, the fact that no/few/the worst of other countries sends its soldiers there because standards are so low, the absence of any published articles by its teachers, the absence of international conferences unlike similar institutions elsewhere, the absolute refusal to use ‘outsiders’ as teachers, the primitive anti-intellectual curriculum, the rejection of any outside evaluation of its effectiveness, its financial generosity to students (probably because few Egyptians want to go there). It goes on. It’s a closed place, doesn’t like outsiders and rejects criticism – and therefore change.

They may do training on the evils of terrorism but no training on the evils of torture, dictatorship, the waste and inefficiency of military management of the economy, the historic poor performance of the Egyptian military, the low skills of the Egyptian officer corps and the decades of bad Egyptian strategy in dealing with terrorism.

Their so-called professor of military strategy (Salem, former head of military intelligence, about 1,000 years old, no background in education or training and with a dreadful education) puts out lots of press releases – all supportive of Sisi – in areas where he has no skills like Tourism revenues, the application of military law to presidential candidates, the denunciation of western human rights criticism, anything but his job of military strategy. He claims experience in national security/strategy but has written nothing nor attended no international conference on it. It’s a bit like the office cleaners trying to run the Microsoft factory – using only a gun.

The Nasser Academy’s skills do not include clear, critical thinking, concepts, initiative, ideas, analysis or reading and writing. Maybe they can count – I doubt it. They have much to teach the media on group think, dogma and obedience.

The proposed training of journos is on national security. The only national security issue at the moment is the sheer incompetence of the Army to deal with the Sinai/Terrorism issue in 7 years – during which it got worse. If you wanted to talk about previous failures that would be a good start but I guess that could lead to discussion of 5 defeats in 30 years and there is a need for silence on this 100% failure rate if reputations and power are to be maintained by the Greatest Generals on Earth. The Western military journals have been making the repeated and identical criticisms of the Egyptian military leaders for decades but nothing has changed. ... rabs1.html

I guess my point is that national security is a big issue for Egypt but those doing the training on national security are the big failures at it – 1947. 1956, Yemen, 1967 and 1973 as well as 4 decades of internal terrorism. Their failure to control Saddam Hussein and their neighbor/lunatic Quadaffi is also not irrelevant. Military ‘Intelligence’ in each if these disasters was appalling – but portrayed in Egypt as heroic.

This compulsory training is probably a front. Really it’s a form of intimidation showing who is in power and who are the slaves. If it was the Pentagon it would be a voluntary charm offensive at a neutral location but in Egypt its ‘do what I say’ delivered in the Wolf’s lair.

There is also a similar program to ‘educate’ Imams which has 2 Major Generals delivering the program – what do Egyptian Major Generals know about religion, morality, winning against an enemy, training? It’s a lazy 5 day course only 5 hours a day – obviously work ethic is not part Muslim ethics or maybe its just slack military work ethic. ... igion.html.

Some of the Imam training content is in ‘conspiracy detection’ and rebutting false (western) news. It sounds like Imams are to be part of the Egyptian Security State in the future supported by 300,000-400,000 paid informers. ... -pub-59391, 1,000,000 police and hundreds of thousands of others like State Security. It’s a lot of money to spend but obviously not enough to dominate and subjugate Egyptians. Given poor management and training maybe they need 3,000,000 in the police force on the basis of the Egyptian maxim that big is always better and avoids the need to examine whether they are any good.

A smart Imam would publically ask the 2 Major Generals ‘training’ him to identify the Surah’s in the Quran that support what he requires. An even smarter one would ask whether Egypt/al Azhar is using Imams in Saudi to spy on that Government. At tis point the Imam would probably become a martyr to his religion.

The Imam and journalist ‘training’/intimidation is mentioned in the local media but its fair to assume there is a lot more going on in this vein on the quiet – a deal of it unpleasant. We will never hear about it. The idea that you can hold power in this way is absurd and reminiscent of the dying days of the French monarchy or the idiot Romanovs. Its desperate, badly planned, incompetently executed and, likely futile.

One assumes that this training will move onto the Coptic Church and other groups as Military Intelligence builds its 12,000,000 man army of spies just like the Stasi in East Germany.

Its too easy to forget what SCAF and Mubarak were like – although a few on this forum ignored or choose to forget this matter. Here are some horror stories from a while ago including beatings of anti-Mubarak journalists delivered in overseas capitals. ... 6020110203

Its broader.

In the last year it’s too easy to see the ‘debauchery’ crackdown as just about gay people rather than Russian belly dancers. ... ip/556325/ - a superb recent article on controlling the culture/values. Sisi “he’s gone after apolitical liberal expression, too. Egypt has witnessed a crackdown on the arts, including dance, music, comedy, and theater.”

Atheists are also for the chopper – does this include atheistic tourists/investors/international workers? ... lam-772471

The number of TV shows axed over the years/pressured to give up/a gun put to their head includes at the very least the following:
Bassem Youssef
Saturday Night Live Arabia.
Sherine the singer – Nile water references.
Shyma the singer.
Laila Amer the singer

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Re: House Training Media Dogs, Judges, Imams and Uni Student

Post by Major Thom »

You have to laugh Hafiz, it just seems the work of a neurotic piece of Shyte, grabbing power and handing out oppression. The day will come!!

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