An Elongated President.

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An Elongated President.

Post by Hafiz »

Immediately around the Presidential election there was talk in the media orifices, written by Colonels in Military Intelligence and then given to al Ahram journalists so they can put their name to it, that there was a public demand that Sisi be appointed for a longer Presidential term, life, eternity.

Those supporting it were worse than minor lickspittles but in Egypt call themselves intellectuals. ... power.html

Its interesting that Sisi might join a hall of heroes on long term/eternal leaders in the dreadful region: Robert Mugabe (war criminal and thief)/Qadaffi (war criminal and thief executed by his own people)/Emperor Bokassa (criminal, cannibal and thief)/Assad (war criminal and thief)/Bashir of Sudan (convicted war criminal)/Saddam (convicted and executed criminal)/ Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (got out with a few tons of gold and now living in Saudi) Arafat (head of the PLO for 34 years, failed but made himself rich)/ Mengistu of Ethiopia (ruled for 14 years with Russian support killed hundreds of thousands of civilians and escaped with 50 family and staff to his friend Mugabe and lives in a house like below in Gunhill (no joke) Harare) built by white capitalists whom he and his Russian friends hated, kicked out and killed so that communism would be perfect. I leave out the insane Idi Amin (given refuge in Saudi), the murderous kleptomaniac Seko of Zaire (given a chateau by the French) and that hero of the west liberals and wrecker of Tanzania in pursuit of communist absolutism, Nyerere and that pompous thief in a bowler hat Banda of Malawi and dozens of others. Africa and the Middle east hold the world record for addiction to incompetent monster drugs.

A standard white Gunhill mansion.


So these cannibals for life have all ended up being tossed out or worse.

In the months following the fake election the proposal seems to have disappeared from view in dis-Imperial Egypt.

Maybe the army who know him well think he’s not up to it.

Maybe there just aren’t his runs on the board to build public support for a change to the constitution.

Maybe 2 fixed elections in 6 months is too much hard work.

Maybe rounding up another group of 50 or so high status opponents and fabricating terrorist charges against them would stretch even Egyptian credulity.

Maybe there are some smart people (unlikely) who don’t believe in putting all your money on one horse – particularly early in the race.

Maybe there are others in the high command/SCARF who want the job at the next election and think they can do no worse (likely in all respects). The brute Kamel for example.

In recent weeks its got momentum again using the standard approach. A petition from an unknown source – maybe funded as last time by Sawiris, the UAE and Military Intelligence, no one has saw it in the flesh – just like last time – some kids are front men for it (always men) but no one knows who they are, however they seem to have cars, nice clothes and lack no cash. ... 307e47c968.

Isn't overseas funding of politics and an NGO illegal in Egypt? Doesn't that mean that the Sisi rise was a criminal act calling for a few score jailings - 25 years each?

These amateurs now claim 13 million signatures in 6 months that’s 6,018 per 12 hour day, 7 days a week. My guess is that in paper terms it’s at least one semi-trailer worth a 40 foot tray stacked 6 foot high. I look forward to seeing it. The not very competent Guardian Egypt part time stringer (its as good as the Guardian can do) was refused permission to see it, and made little of this in her article but was shown a photograph of it but did not make a copy of it nor form a view about its volume in the photo or the thousands of persons necessary to collect it and who paid for those thousands. ... third-term

Foucault and Post-Modernism have really cooked a lot of brains/morals in the journalistic west who are now only cynical about capitalism and right-wing bigots.

At some points I support political journalists covering a story in near pornographic ribald satire. Vaudeville slapstick might also be justified in some cases.

Maybe an immortal President is possible after all most the Military leadership seem to end in the Life Support wing of their own private Maadi Military Hospital whilst protecting the Motherland. More sensibly now that a free media has been totally abolished with new legislation (2/3rds majority which tells you a deal about the freedom loving elected political leadership) along with the internet (with no protests from western governments nor from the boy-Spy, UK Ambassador to Egypt) so the next election should be easy peasy. ... e-control/ and ... 1393690050

Good things about these laws is that there will never be bad things said again about bad people and all mistakes/stuff ups/waste of money/military defeats etc will never see the light of day. Under the new laws the new Toshka will never be mentioned nor war crimes charges against the military leadership.

Here are the celebrity stakes ratings in a beauty contest called the most deformed country in the world (no offence to people with birth deformities this contest is instead about how countries have made themselves ugly through choice).

Ignorance of human nature and history is not a strength in Egypt when their argument is that 8 years is not enough for Great Sisi. First he is not great – he’s 3rd rate at best and such people have one defining characteristic – they do a poor job so getting them out quickly is always a good idea – who wants 30 years of mediocrity or worse – hasn’t Egypt had enough experience on 2 long term rotten leaders – both from the military.

Most people learn from previous disasters but not Egypt.

Second the great leaders in History didn’t need a lot of time to do jobs that Sisi couldn’t even take notes on. Alexander the Great, Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln, Churchill, Adenauer, Mandela, Nehru, Atatürk for starters. The Americans won 2 world wars in 4 years led by a man in a wheelchair with dreadful heart problems who opened the US cash machine to rebuild destroyed Europe and worse Japan. Some world leaders never held power like Martin Luther King and others dominated the world with their ideas like Einstein and Gandhi.

The great leaders are few and far between but mediocrity or worse should never be held on for too long because the next person might be a lot better.

Third raters always look for perpetuity and in this case its based on not Sisi but consolidation of Military social control and economic kleptocracy. For such regimes the great fear is a new reforming government will reveal their abuses, mistakes and thefts and take their money and power.

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Re: An Elongated President.

Post by Major Thom »

Like the last paragraph Hafiz. This may well come out in the wash later

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