Egypt and Water.

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Egypt and Water.

Post by Hafiz »

Egypt and Water.

The US has become involved in the water talks about the effect of the new Ethiopian Dam on the supply of water to Egypt. ... SKBN1XG2QC

The US interest is probably the Egyptian interest but the whole US initiative seems messy and on the run. It’s a completely out of the blue initiative.

One fact stands out – even before the dam Egypt is short of water and has supplies of 570 cubic metres pa for each person against a standard of 1,000 cubic metres which is where the water security alarm bells start to begin. ... SKBN1XG223

Given that Egypt has been facing water shortage for 2 decades and given that climate can only make it worse you would expect that the Egyptian science and engineering would be on top of it – pipelines instead of leaky drains, trickle irrigation and crops that need less water. Its safe to say that Egypt has done none of this whereas its neighbor – Israel –is a world leader maybe the world leader in food in a dry climate.

Mad initiatives out in the desert have them growing pasture grasses to cut them and turn them into low value hay bales to transport them at high cost somewhere for thoroughbred horses, for example, to eat.

The Renaissance Dam is not the problem, the problem has been around for ages and its 20-50,000 chaps in uniforms who won’t allow anyone else to manage Egypt.The fact that they have access to the crown jewels probably doesn't do mych for their delegation skills or retirement program.

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