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Re: Mobile Phones

Post by FarleyFlavors »

DJKeefy wrote:Have you tried the obvious of turning the phone off then back on?
I've been advised in the past to switch the phone off AND take the battery out for a couple of minutes. Might be worth a try.

I had a Flex 25 SIM on a recent visit. It's definitely not a data only contract but it took around 90 minutes to become active for anything - data/calls/texts.

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Re: Mobile Phones

Post by Zooropa »

Dusak wrote:As per your invite via PM. I tried your new number and me being me when it was answered by an English bloke I cracked a funny. He replied in a posh voice ''no it isn't, by by and cut me off. :lol: So yes it does work, but seems to be registered to someone else. :(

Ooops, sorry, the sound is so abysmal on the phone I'm using that I could barley make out anything.

Only when I put the phone down did I think it could have been you!

Quite ironic now as even if it did have voice I wouldn't be able to hear anything anyway.

I have a cheapo non smartphone with me that I can use, so have decided to just get another voice /text only sim for that instead on Tuesday.

Cant be asked to go and argue the toss over a 60 LE problem, life & my holiday is too short.
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