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Re: THIS IS EGYPT Where It All Begins

Post by BENNU »

Egypt is not for everyone. You either love it or hate it.

The aim of this short video is to attract potential tourists, not those who already know the country enough to have chosen to make it their home.

If you get inspired to see the pyramids, you will need to find out, where in Egypt they are. If the video tempts you to go diving, you will be a fool to choose an entire holiday in Nile Valley. If you are cool enough to feel at home in the type of disco in the video and that is what attracts you, you will know better than to expect to find it in a random destination in North Africa. You will know where to go.

If you want it all: Adventure, beaches, history and beauty, you can travel around the country on one or more holidays, rather than choose to sit down in one place and complain that it is not what YOU want.

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Re: THIS IS EGYPT Where It All Begins

Post by Who2 »

Well if JWT can't sell it you are all doomed personally I couldn't give a 'donkey's toss.... 8)

JWT's previous successes are as follows:
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Re: THIS IS EGYPT Where It All Begins

Post by denisegr »

I have been on quite a few nile cruises and holidays in luxor I'm now 54 and I'd guess that that about 90% of the time the clientele on the boats were older than me. Luxor isn't well known for its party scene and I think the majority of us tourists except that and find other ways to enjoy ourselves.
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