Is it Fair?

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Re: Is it Fair?

Post by pdmlynek » Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:11 pm

To answer Zooropa’s question:
I pay very close attention what FCO and the US State Department puts out, and take it into account when planning our travels.

However, the travel warning issued last month by the State Department is of little value. It is not representative of Egypt, and not at all helpful for travelers to Egypt. The warning was issued as a result of a death of an American young man during a riot in Alexandria.

His tragic death has nothing to do with Egypt, but everything to do with him being caught up in a riot between anti-government protestors and police. This could have happened anywhere.

The fact that was supposedly filming an anti-government protest is a sign of his unfortunate poor judgment. To an idealistic “peace-pursuing” “poet-reading” western college student who was likely used to rubrics of protests in the US, his fatal attack was unfathomable; I am sure that his thoughts were: “but wait, don’t kill me, you don’t understand. I am an American, I am with you! I am just documenting your country’s wonderful transition to a democracy.” But to the protesters, some of whose family members might have been persecuted, tortured or killed by the police (whether under Mubarek or Morsy), he might have seemed to be a member of an intelligence agency documenting identities of the protesters. The simple rule that a person (a traveler or not) should follow is: don’t take pictures of people that could be used to incriminate them.

I am taking my family, including our three 10 to 15-year olds, for a family vacation to Egypt later this year (if we had to have stayed away from all the places that the State Department suggests to avoid, we wouldn't have gone on half of our vacations). Thanks to the poor press that Egypt has been getting, the prices are much cheaper than ever before.

From everything that I read from people who travel extensively, traveling in Egypt is a breeze compared to other Middle East and African countries. Egypt has a very low crime rate, the standard of living is relatively high, people are friendly, and infrastructure is acceptable.

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Re: Is it Fair?

Post by dsaxelby » Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:36 pm

Essential - now is this subjective or objective as it ever been defined in law? :D I am sure I can put forward a winning subjective argument, but the reasonable man test well he would have to be an imbecile ( but hey most of the population is ) :lol:
It is what it is.

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