Who is Connie's at it again?

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Who is Connie's at it again?

Post by Robert Send »

I am going back home on Wednesday after a lovely peaceful holiday with my family again.. But read a post saying Connies at it again, and then it was locked without anyone being able to comment, who is this woman some sort of Goddess or something that rules everyone in Luxor? I asked my Brother in law and he said she runs a Charity in Luxor from England!! that must be hard to do unless she has a lot of helpers in Luxor to do the work for her, or she actually has to spend a lot of time here. Must be a wealthy person in her own rights to do that! But if she is doing good for Luxor why is there so much negative posts about her on this site? some are really firey. All I can think is that this Connie woman uses her elevated Charity position in Luxor to cause havoc among people, and the more you read the more it makes me think that. When I ask my sister about this lady she answers, "just forget it" and changes the subject. She must be a lady of some great importance.


Post by Barb »

Your sister is a very smart woman Robert. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh and by the way if she is reading this I would just like to say it had nothing to do with me!!!!! :roll: