Tawfiq Pasha Andrews Palace

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Re: Tawfiq Pasha Andrews Palace

Post by Who2 »

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"
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Re: Tawfiq Pasha Andrews Palace

Post by A-Four »

Thanks Dr, a very interesting post.

I do remember years ago when this 'open-air museum' project was first dreamt up, I was told by several officials there when I saw a full mock up of the whole area to be 'set aside' as a tourist ONLY zone. I remember whole shopping areas were closed, without any compensation what so ever, the authorities simply closed several road, and placed a policeman at either end preventing any tourists from entering.

I like others would love to return even for only a months stay, I was very lucky to have lived there while quite young, we had no international communications, we had Egyptian news in English for about half an hour each day, and international telephone calls could only be made at the exchange in town, so to enjoy real life there, you learnt Arabic, simply because you had to.

That was over 20 years ago, things are much different, people who live there now have most of the mod cons we have in Europe, but at the same time tourism has changed, especially in Egypt. Luxor will become the three day event like I have said in the past on this forum. For those of us who new this place and the sisters, is now in the past and gone, modern international tourism requires this to be so, according to modern day Egyptian authorities to bring in the $,...........and sod local and national culture and heritage.
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Re: Tawfiq Pasha Andrews Palace

Post by Adamantium »

Very sad to see this senseless destruction. The building had so much character which was obviously valued more by cultered tourists and Expats: outsiders looking in. Locals see an old building that serves no purpose. It had so much potential. I have fond memories just admiring it in passing.
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