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Bart Simpson SawPigsaw has kidnapped Bart and is holding him captive inside his own school. Help Bart escape before it's too late!
Bart Simpson Saw (3.05 MiB)
  • (1)

Plays: 1

Arcade Highscores 141,804  memopollo
Wed Oct 28, 2015 11:12 pm
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UnforsakenSeveral people have disappeared in the last few weeks in the small town you live in. The police haven`t any leads as to what is happening. Everyone is supposed to stay inside after dark to protect themselves from whatever or whoever is abducting people. You were on your way home from a friend`s house before dark. You heard what sounded like a gun shot in the field. You started running, you tripped on a stone sticking up out of the ground and bumped your head on the way to the ground. That is the last thing you remember before waking up in this strange dark unforsaken place.
Unforsaken (4.44 MiB)
  • (0)

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Sneaky's ParadiseSneaky has been sent to paradise in search of a golden statue. The golden statue is not so ordinary though, it holds the key to unknown power. Sneaky must get the statue back before it falls into the wrong hands! Help him by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!
Sneaky's Paradise (2.88 MiB)
  • (0)

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Sneaky VillageEnter Sneaky Village! Sneaky has been given a map and was sent to a small village in Germany to recover a golden statue that is said to be very valuable. Explore the village, find items and solve puzzles and you might just find the statue. Good luck and have fun!
Sneaky Village (4.47 MiB)
  • (0)

--- No highscore Click to play!
RetardoDefeat the Iron Golem and restore peace to the kingdom.
Retardo (2.75 MiB)
  • (0)

--- No highscore Click to play!
AwokenYou have awoken to find yourself in a strange place. Now you must search around and figure out how you got here and how to get out! Good luck and have fun!
Awoken (3.46 MiB)
  • (0)

Plays: 1

Arcade Highscores 475,675  Maakari
Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:55 am
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Abandoned AsylumThis Abandoned Asylum once housed thousands of patients from all over the world. It was shut down over 50 years ago due to unexplained phenomena. Over the last few years many explorers have searched for the secrets that lie deep within the asylums confines, some never to return. Your curiosity has brought you here to search the depths of this desolate site and uncover whatever darkness lies within.
Abandoned Asylum (2.51 MiB)
  • (0)

Plays: 2

Arcade Highscores 2,177  Janen
Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:57 pm
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ZombiesYour name is Lance Greenly. You are lying on your couch, watching the television like any other night. Everything seems normal... until the power goes out. You hear some strange noises outside. Or, did the noise come from inside? You must find a way to protect yourself. You must find a way to get out of the house... before it is too late.
Zombies (9.23 MiB)
  • (0)

--- No highscore Click to play!
The Scene Of The Crim…Something really bad happened there. Try to find out what. Move from room to room and pick up items for your inventory, try to solve the crime.
The Scene Of The Crime (5.25 MiB)
  • (0)

--- No highscore Click to play!
SatanoriumSave the trapped girls in the satanorium! Your car broke down at an abandoned hospital, its up to you to look around and save the trapped girls!
Satanorium (4.67 MiB)
  • (0)

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